Monitoring As a Service

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Already Have Cameras?
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Introducing VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)

Take your existing camera system to the next level by leveraging the power of the cloud. After all, why have cameras if no one is watching them?

With Solutec’s VSaaS program, you can keep your existing cameras and add the power and value of Stealth Monitoring’s live video monitoring services to watch and deter crime before it happens. Make your cameras go to work for you proactively instead of just viewing unfortunate events after-the-fact. Our VSaaS solution also includes the system health checks and our video review service.<br>

Solutec’s VSaaS platform offers an open architecture that allows the integration of most security cameras and systems on the market, not just a proprietary brand. This is a very popular option for many customers, which may be why we have had over a 90% successful take over adoption rate. Additionally, our team will perform a site assessment and review your current system to determine the quality and condition of each camera, as well as work with you to address any existing or unknown gaps in coverage to ensure you have the best protection possible. Contact us today to learn more about this service and start your free quote today!

*VSaaS requires a minimum 12-month term and we charge a one time up-front flat rate fee to complete an on-site security assessment and to set up our services, then one simple monthly payment that covers all your security monitoring needs. 

Alarm Monitoring Service


By installing alarm systems in your home or office you can tackle problems such as thieves, fire, or gas poisoning to some extent. In cases like these, the home or office alarm systems that you have will be activated and warn you.

But what can you do if you are on vacation or somewhere you can’t be reached with a cellphone and just at that moment you’re facing a problem such as theft or fire? At that point monitoring services might be just what you need. No matter where you are, a team comprised of experts that monitor your house or office through alarm systems will warn the police or fire department for you in seconds.

Now, what should you pay attention to when choosing firms that offer these services? What are the best companies that offer alarm monitoring services? Below, you will find all the answers to these questions and get to know who the 5 best monitoring companies are.  


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Why would you need an alarm monitoring service?

In the case of theft or fire while you are inside your house or office you may not be able to call the nearest security units. That’s why, before a great danger occurs, hiring a team that can do the work for you from afar will be a great advantage for you in terms of security.

Apart from this, if you install an alarm monitoring system in your house, through a remote computer or a cell phone you can learn the condition of your house or office and can also view it.

What should I pay attention to when choosing Alarm Monitoring System companies?

1.) Support and Help: It’s essential that the company that you purchase the service from provides you with very good technical support and solves your problems in every aspect. They should find answers to the questions that you ask over the phone or internet and their technical staff should come to your house to check your system when necessary.

2.) Monitoring Time: When hiring monitoring companies you should make sure that they provide 24/7 monitoring. Make sure that there is a staff member that monitors problems such as theft, fire, carbon monoxide for you no matter where you are and at all hours of the day. Today most companies that provide these services and also the ones that we are going to examine shortly provide 24-hour continuous monitoring.

3.) Remote Access to Monitoring Service: This is a system that enables you to connect to the company that provides the system remotely in case of any problem that might occur in your alarm system. With this, technical support is provided very quickly. Another name for this service is “2 Way Intercom”.

4.) Alarm System Installation: When you purchase an alarm monitoring system, most companies provide a full alarm installation in your house free of charge or by means of some kind of agreement. Make sure that when the alarm system is being installed in your house or office, it is a system that provides full and complete security for rooms, doors, basement floor, the garden, kitchen, and all other areas.

5.) Price Performance: There are hundreds of different alarm-monitoring services provided by companies. Here, what you should pay attention to is the company whose price and performance quality is the highest. The average monitoring service prices are ranged between $15 and $60.

6.) Full Security: In some cases, thieves break the control panel of the alarm when they break into your house or office and thus deactivate your alarm system. In order to prevent such cases, some companies provide special systems. Having this feature in your alarm monitoring service, which we will talk about in a minute in the reviews, will be a great advantage for you.

7.) Home Automation: Even though this is an optional feature, it would be very advantageous for you to have it installed by the company that offers you the service. With this system which will enable you to control many electronic devices such as heaters, lights, and many others through a cell phone or a computer, you will be able to manage your house remotely.

8.) Reminder Service: Even though this is an optional feature, this is another good service as well. If you don’t arm your alarm for a period of time, the staff members from the monitoring service call you and inform you about this.