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Solutions Technologies Limited (Solutec) is a reliable provider of solar energy and solar thermal solutions, having great expertise and experience in developing and managing solar energy projects for individual homes, public institutions,s, and corporate bodies. Solutec pride itself on quality services and products, offering clients with solar energy like community solar, Off-Grid solar power systems, Roof mount solar systems, and solar farm. This is supported by reliable inverters which serve as backup support for power storage


Solutec, considering the growth of companies and the adaptation of technology, network efficiency, and reliability has become very important. Our experts and technicians understand this need and through creative innovations, create a robust solution with quality materials and high-speed connectivity. The network system provided by Solutec has a very strong structure that helps explore opportunities and threats, this minimizes the operations cost while boosting productivity. The Network solutions include:

Innovative well-structured cabling

Routing Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Switching Solutions


With surveillance becoming a priority at all corporate offices and individual homes, Solutec specialized in installing a different range of cameras both indoor and outdoor CCTV systems, has a perfect solution that suits clients’ specifications and budgets. Considering the development of High Definition CCTV cameras which provide clear images and recordings, we offer high quality and durable cameras which give our clients value. Our IP CCTV provides the option to transmit images over a network cable and record them on a Network Video Recorder. To provide a clearer night view, our cameras with in-built infra-red lamps give clients better night vision in complete darkness.


Solutec has a team of professional and experts with creative ideas that offers unique smart solutions that specs customers’ expectation to give clients delight. Our team, made up of specialized smart home automation installers brings to light everything automation from lighting control, temperature control, video and music control, and security. Be it a simple single room, apartment, mansion, hotel, or a complex whole-house system, Solutec has a wide range of products to suit your requirement and specification. Let the heart of your smart home be Solutec Home Control Unit, which through voice, touch, or configuration you can gain total control of your home.

Smart products

Saving Energy



Amazon Alexa, savant control, Control 4, Vitrea smart switches.

DASH CAM PACKAGE    24/7 Vision

Ensuring personnel’s and vehicle(s) safety and good condition when executing daily activities Recording accurate and precise happenings Spacious storage of 500 GB gives access to storing relevant data for up to 180days. Notifications of real-time happening are recorded with data comprising of both audio and video evidence to easy access and reference. Driver Monitoring Convenient monitoring camera option The configuration monitors Harsh breaking, immobilizers, speed level, offline tracking, motion alarm, accident events, anti-hijacking, detailed and full video footage of routes, warning sounds voice alerts, and live to track.


Knowing exactly what is happening in and around your vehicle(s) will not only give you peace of mind but will also improve efficiency in operations when it comes to achieving set objectives, this is exactly what our complete camera and tracking device seek to achieve. The devices come in different ranges that are trackers only or trackers with a dashcam.

Tramigo Tracking device:

Tramigo T24 Track

Tramigo T23 Fleet

Tramigo Y5

Fleet Management

The new T24 Track is the successor to our successful T23 Track vehicle tracking unit, now at a more affordable price but with the same advanced security features.