Renewable Energy

Solutions Technologies Limited (Solutec)

is a reliable provider of solar energy and solar thermal solutions, having great expertise and experience in developing and managing solar energy projects for individual homes, public institutions, and corporate bodies. Solutec pride itself on quality services and products, offering clients with solar energy like community solar, Off-Grid solar power systems, Roof mount solar systems, and solar farm. We Leverage our relationship with Quality Inverter Manufacturers like Outback, Victron, sunwise, and more for reliable and robust Power solutions for our clients. We have Years of Experience, providing similar solutions for enterprises in the Oil and Gas industries, Aviation, Education, telecommunications, and more.

Our solar power systems are designed to free everyone from ever-increasing energy costs while helping to promote green living and environmental responsibility.
We are the solar and renewable energy professionals covering all of Homes needs.
Call us, and we will help you access your energy needs and set you up for a Greener Future. Help all do our part in the war of Climate change.