Whole Home and Office Security

An Easy set up, customizable plans,

and smart home device compatibility makes Solutec’s Security system one of
the highest rated DIY home security system providers.


A standout feature of our system is the variety of packages customers can choose from.  Protect your apartment, condo, home, office Warehouse and everything in between with a solution that’s designed for you.  

We also provide Month-to-Month Contract for as low as $94.99

Electric fencing is the first line of defense when it comes to home security. There are a few obvious advantages to electric fencing as a security barrier on your perimeter walls, as it acts as:

  • A physical barrier,
  • A psychological barrier, and
  • An early warning system.

The visual appearance thereof will be a definite deterrent to a potential intruder as it will cause a delay to enter your property and also when they want to exit again, and also as it comes with Power and siren.

Solutec’s whole-home security solution integrates all these bits and pieces together into a single security platform, making it easy to control and monitor your home.

Alternatively Nature lovers will opt for borderless fences like our 2 to 4 Channel Active infrared fence sensors for perimeter security. this comes in 2 options, solar enables which requires no extra wiring for power or the wires option.

Our Active IR Fence Detector product portfolio includes 2 to10 beams, and detection range reaches up to 5m to 100m. These photoelectric fence sensors have N.O. and N.C. alarm output, can work with difference systems through reliable wired connection. It’s the ideal security detectors for your intrusion alarm system, access control system, IP surveillance system and home automation system.  this integrates into our Control gateway to give you seamless all in one solution that is unparalleled.

Electrical Fence